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UCLA Veterans

Undergraduate Admission FAQs

Do I apply as a freshman student or a transfer student?

If you graduated from high school but have never attempted any coursework at a college or university after graduating, then you would be considered a freshman.

If you have ever enrolled at a college or university, then you would be applying as a transfer student. UCLA admits only junior-standing transfers and you must meet the requirements for junior-level transfer admission. You cannot disregard college work and apply as a freshman.

Do veterans qualify for the application fee waiver?

The application fee waiver is part of the application process and not an automatic qualification. Apply UC (the UC online application) determines whether you’re qualified for the application fee waiver based on the income information you provide

How do I apply as a veteran?

The application process for veterans is the same as any freshman or transfer applicant. Veteran applicants are held to the same requirements, standards, and deadlines as all other applicants, but we do consider your military service and experiences during the review of your application.

Do you take late applications for veterans?

Late applications are rare and are allowed on a case-by-case basis. If you have an extenuating circumstance or particular reason for requesting this accommodation, UCLA will consider your request, and may allow you to submit after the application deadline.

Can I apply to UCLA under multiple majors?

You can only apply to one major and will be reviewed for that major. Students often supplement their major with a minor. Double majoring is an option as well, though students will discuss this option with an academic counselor once they are admitted.

What credit will I be awarded for my military training?

You will receive very limited transfer credit from your military training. College/university courses from regionally accredited institutions that are comparable to coursework offered at the University of California will receive transfer credit. For example: we may award very few units for basic training on your JST, but English Composition 1 taken at Central Texas College would be ok. Distance/online college/university courses are ok. The point is that they are taught and recorded by a regionally, accredited institution.

Do the classes I took in the military count as college coursework?

The majority of military courses focus on technical/applied study. UC courses focus on research and theoretical subjects. You may receive limited credit for physical activity and/or leadership courses, but do not count on your military coursework to provide you with the minimum 60 semester/90 quarter units necessary for transfer eligibility.

How is military service viewed in the application process?

Military service alone does not automatically ensure/influence our admission decision-making. Our admission review is holistic. We emphasize strong academic preparation and performance, however, we consider personal achievements and individual opportunities – such as employment, family responsibility, military service, etc. - circumstances that go beyond the academic elements.

We encourage students to discuss their military service, experience, training, etc. in the employment history and personal statements. If there were personal/work circumstances that affected your college performance during a particular period [for example: you were completing distance education courses while deployed], you may address these challenges in the personal statement.

Detailed information about our admission selection process, including statistics about our admitted classes, may be found at:

Where can I go for assistance with my application?

The Veteran Liaison Admission Officers can help with any application-related question. Contact them at In your email, please address the following:

-Are you a prospective freshman or transfer applicant?

-In which major(s) are you interested?

Also include:

-Unofficial copies of your high school or college transcripts

-Joint Services Transcript (JST)

-Specific questions you have regarding eligibility or admission

Education Benefits FAQs

Guide to VA Education Benefits and Procedures.

I have a general question regarding my VA educational benefit eligibility or about the status of an enrollment certification that has already been submitted. Who should I contact?

You can contact the VA education benefits line at 1-888-442-4551 or by visiting and clicking on the ‘Submit a Question’ tab on the right hand side of the page. Students looking to utilize Ch.31 Voc Rehab benefits can call (510) 637-6128.

Who is the Veterans Benefits Coordinator? Who is the Veterans Resource Center Program Director?

Ryan Redding is the Veterans Benefits Coordinator for UCLA. He handles all areas of VA benefits specifically – document intake, setting up your benefits, making sure funding arrives on time, etc. His office is located within the Registrar’s Office at Murphy Hall. The best way to contact the Veterans Benefits Coordinator or submit documents is via email at Please include your UCLA Student ID# on all correspondence.

Emily Ives is the Veteran Resource Center Program Director. She works with our student veterans on all areas that fall outside of benefits – resources, events, outreach, counseling, and special issues. Her office is located in Room 132 of Kerkchoff Hall.

I’m a veteran/service member. Am I eligible for priority enrollment?

Yes. By law, active or former members of the U.S. armed forces who have left military service (with any discharge other than dishonorable or bad conduct) are eligible for priority registration. GI Bill® recipients are automatically assigned a priority enrollment. Those who do not currently receive GI Bill® benefits must present proof of their military service (DD Form 214 or military ID) to the Veterans Benefits Coordinator. Only students that are veterans or active duty service members are eligible for priority housing and priority enrollments; dependents are not.

How do my VA benefits affect my financial aid package?

It is critical that you inform the UCLA Financial Aid Office as early as possible about your upcoming VA funding so that they can properly adjust your financial aid offer. Failure to do so may result in you getting billed back at the end of quarter for an over-award, and if the funding has already been spent then your file may be forwarded to collections.

What financial aid awards can I receive on top of my VA benefits? Which ones can I not?

The UC system-wide rule of thumb is that financial awards that are specifically designated as being tuition-and-fee specific (Cal Grants, University Grants, UCSHIP Grants, UCSHIP waivers) will affect the amount of your VA funding, whereas financial aid awards that are general in nature and can be used for living expenses, etc. (Pell Grants, Student Loans, Outside Scholarships) do not.

How often does my monthly housing allowance (“BAH”) or stipend come?

BAH/stipend funds are paid out from the VA for periods in which you are enrolled in courses. (There is no VA funding for times during the year in which you are not enrolled, such as during the optional Summer quarter for example.)

Funds generally arrive (via either hard-copy check or direct deposit) to you on or around the 1 st of the month and pay out based on the previous month’s enrollment. For a quarter that has dates of 09/29/17 to 12/19/17 for example, your payment amounts and schedule would look like this:

10/01/17: Prorated for two days of September

11/01/17: Full payment

12/01/17: Full payment

01/01/18: Prorated for nineteen days of December

Can I use more than one VA benefit at a time?

You cannot use more than one chapter benefit a time, but you are able to use the CalVet fee waiver in conjunction with Ch.33 or Ch.35 benefits.

Do my veterans benefits cover my non-resident fee as well?

No. However, the non-resident fee can be waived for eligible Veterans Choice Act students.

I use a chapter benefit and I’m enrolled less than full-time this quarter, how will my VA benefits be affected?

We normally hold off on your enrollment certification each quarter until we see that you have reached/enrolled in a full-time course load. However, if you would like to be certified at your current, less-than-full-time course load we can do that upon request. For Ch.33 benefits this won’t affect the amount that the VA sends UCLA towards your tuition and fees, but for chapters 33, 35, 30, 31, and 1606/1607 your BAH/monthly stipend amount will be reduced according to your ‘Rate of Pursuit’ that the VA calculates on their end. For example, if you’re an undergraduate student that is requesting to only be certified for 6 units, this is considered half-time enrollment, and thus you will only receive 50% of your BAH/monthly stipend. (CalVet students are not affected – see page 4.)

How do I know that my Ch.33, Ch.31 or CalVet tuition funding has arrived and posted?

This will be reflected on your BruinBill. Ch.33 funding will display as “Chapter 33 VA payment”. Ch.31 funding will display as “Veteran’s Affairs”. CalVet waivers will appear as “Veteran’s Dependent” and will be in the exact amount of the charges that it covers – the student services fee, tuition, and, if applicable, the professional school fee (for grad students).

How are my VA benefits affected if I drop classes, fail classes, or withdraw from the quarter?

The Veterans Benefits Coordinator runs a report at the end of each quarter and must inform the VA whenever a student doesn’t complete the amount of units that they were certified for if it drops them below full-time. The VA will then decide on their end how or if they will bill the student back for a portion of their tuition, BAH or stipend funding.

For example, a student that was originally certified for 16 units but drops down to 12 units is ok; nothing needs to be reported since they still completed a full-time course load (12 units or more for undergrads, 8 units or more for most grad students). However, if a student that was originally certified for 15 units and withdrew from one class and fails another class, resulting in the completion of only 4 units, then this would need to be reported to the VA.

Can I use my VA benefits toward a study abroad program?

With very few exceptions, yes you can. Please contact the Veterans Benefits Coordinator to discuss the details of your specific program to verify that it qualifies.

Will the VA reimburse me for fees incurred for national tests (LSAT, GMAT, etc.)?

Yes. Please inquire with the School Certifying Official or see VA Form 22-0810 on the web.

Can I be reimbursed for payments I make to a tutor?

Yes. The VA will pay up to $100 per month for your tutorial assistance. Please inquire with the School Certifying Official or print VA Form 22-1990t from the web.

What sort of documentation do I need to submit in order to get started on my benefits?

Please scan and email me a copy of your Certificate of Eligibility (COE), and, if available, a copy of your DD-214 or NOBE to this email address. Please be sure to include your full name and UCLA student ID# in the body of all correspondence.

Where will my funding be sent?

The tuition-and-fees portion of your benefits will be sent directly to UCLA and will be posted towards your bill. For those eligible for a monthly stipend or housing allowance (“BAH”) and yearly book stipend, that portion of your funding will be sent directly to you from the VA, usually by direct deposit.

When will my funding arrive?

Funding for your tuition-and-fees is billed to the VA one quarter/semester at a time and will arrive at UCLA right around the start date of each term (if you are a Post-9/11 GI Bill® recipient we will place a “fee deferral” on your account while we’re waiting for the funds to arrive so that your classes won’t be dropped). If you’re eligible for a monthly stipend or BAH and book stipend, that funding will be sent to you around the 1st of the month and pays based on the prior month’s enrollment.

How does my eligibility percentage affect how much funding I will receive from the VA for my G.I. Bill® benefits?

The VA will pay the amount of benefits equal to your eligibility percentage, which can be found on your COE. For example, a student with a 40% eligibility percentage will have 40% of their tuition-and-fees paid for, and, if eligible, will receive 40% of the BAH and yearly book stipend amounts.

Is UCLA considered a public institution or a private institution?

While some programs at UCLA are considered to be “self-supported”, they are still all considered to be that of a public institution; thus, there are no “caps” on the dollar amount of tuition funding you can receive like the ones imposed at private institutions.

I’m a non-resident of California. Will the G.I. Bill® pay for my non-resident fees as well?

No, the G.I. Bill® only covers the in-state portion of your tuition-and-fee charges (BAH amounts aren’t affected by your residency classification however.) Certain students may qualify for a non-resident fee exemption through the Veterans Choice Act, or have their non-resident fees covered by their department under the Yellow Ribbon program. For questions, please let me know.

I’m a Law or MBA student and I’m being charged with an admissions deposit. Do I need to pay it up front?

Yes, you will need to pay your admissions deposit up front and out-of-pocket. You will be reimbursed for this expense once tuition-and-fee funding arrives for your first quarter’s enrollment. A surplus of funds will arrive and you will be left with a credit on your account in the amount of your deposit that you will be able to withdraw.

I am a current UCLA student who is using the Cal Vet Fee Waiver to help support my cost of education. If I take less than 12 units, will the amount of funds that that are provided by the Cal Vet Fee Waiver be adjusted?

There is no unit minimum nor maximum as it pertains to the Cal Vet Fee waiver. The student will receive the full amount of the waiver regardless of the number of enrolled units.

Student Housing FAQs

I’m a prospective or current military-affiliated student and I have questions about housing options for students. Who may I speak with about my housing-related questions?

First, please visit the UCLA Housing website at If you have additional questions, please contact our Veteran Housing Liasion, Melissa Faybik at or (310) 983-3126.

I’m a veteran/service member. Am I eligible for priority housing?

Yes. Priority housing is a benefit provided to all of our student veterans and active duty service members. Please contact Emily Ives at for further information.