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UCLA Veterans

Bio- A UCLA alumni class of 2018, earned my masters in rehabilitation counseling from CSULA in 2021. I love my traveling with my wife, love the Dodgers, enjoy cooking, spending time with my dogs, play guitar, go to concerts and proud to help raise my nephew Simon (as his surrogate dad so to speak).

Branch– Army family

Fun Fact– I come from a proud military family that has served and fought in every war from the American Revolution, War of 1812, the Civil War (Union), WWI & WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, Iraq War, as well as the War on Terror. Although disability kept me from serving in the Army, I have worked with the VA and now proudly support veteran students at UCLA.

Contact Information:
Addison Osuna-Wightman, M.S.
Disability Specialist
UCLA Center for Accessible Education (CAE)
Pronouns: he/his/him
Email =
Phone = (310) 825-1501

Addison is here to help veteran & military connected students with the following:

  • When to apply for accommodations
  • How long does it take to get accommodations
  • How to apply and get started with CAE
  • How to submit documents, what documents we are looking for to meet eligibility
  • How to schedule an intake as well as advising appointments
  • After the intake, how to send letters of accommodations
  • What are accommodations? How are they implemented
  • How do accommodation letters get sent to instructors
  • If you had accommodations at other schools, they may not look the same and translate the same at UCLA
  • How to apply for housing accommodations as well as parking and/or transportation services
  • How to apply for support animal/service dog approved for housing

Presentations and Resource Materials:

  • 10-12-2022 VRC & CAE Presentation slides