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UCLA Veterans

Thank for you visiting the forms site! Application instructions for federal and state education benefits are listed under the Benefits tab. Once you apply for federal and/or state education benefits, we can begin processing your benefit at UCLA. The VA Certifying Official is responsible for certifying VA educational benefits. In order to help our Certifying Official process your benefits, please complete the following steps:

Please complete the form below and attach your DD-214, and your Certificate of Eligibility/NOBE/Cal Vet Eligibility Letter.

Benefit Certification Request

Ensure your program/degree is approved by the VA. The best way for a student to check if a program is currently is approved is by referring to WEAMS:

In the search field select the following options:
Program Type: Institution of Higher Learning

There will be 2 tabs: 'Institution Profile' and 'Programs'. Click on the 'Program' tab.
Then there will be 2 Program Types to select from. Click on 'Institutional of Higher Learning' so see the list of VA approved programs. If the program you are interested in is not listed, please contact the UCLA Certifying Official at