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UCLA Veterans

Psychology, UCLA Junior (Specialist, Army)

Noah grew up in Covina, California. Over the past five years, Noah transitioned from the military into a global pandemic, worked as a minimum-wage “front-line” worker at a supermarket, graduated from community college, transferred to UCLA, and landed two research positions in the Department of Psychology. Noah chose psychology because the military showed him how overpowering the human desire to conform can be, and he would like to be a part of reducing that pressure in the long-term.

Noah joined the military to enrich his life experiences prior to college. The Army taught him that quitting is not an option. It also taught him the importance of diversity. He worked closely with individuals from many corners of the world including Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Cuba, American Samoa. These experiences showed Noah how different individuals may approach any given problem. Noah learned the importance of open communication between members of a well-rounded team, an insight he hopes to carry forward toward his career in scientific research.

As a third year on campus, Noah brings worldly experiences and perspective to UCLA and the veteran community. The Veterans in STEM program has provided a great transitional community for him. Noah believes diversity allows for greater flexibility and range to the “dissenting opinion” which is crucial in any scientific field. Veterans are important in STEM fields because they are comfortable with hard truths, and well-practiced to prioritizing the outcome.