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UCLA Veterans

We here at the VRC would also like to show our appreciation for all UCLA Veterans and Military Connected students! Thank you for your service and your support!

Highlighting some Bruins who are at UCLA

Alexander Vrancic2021-22
Alexander Vrancic
Gabriel Henriquez-2021
Gabriel Henriquez
Florence Ye-2021
Florence Ye
Daryl Barker-2021
Daryl Barker
Esther Kim-2021
Esther Kim
Grace Y Gonzalez-2021
Grace Y Gonzalez
Hassan Alawady-2021
Hassan Alawady
Min Kyu Lee-2021
Min Kyu Lee
Christopher Lee-2021
Christopher Lee
Thomas Maxfield-2021
Thomas Maxfield
Curtis Cullen-2021
Curtis Cullen
Alexander Corbett-2021
Alexander Corbett
Zane Malle-2021
Zane Malle
Jessica Huerta-2021
Jessica Huerta
Allen Ramirez-2021
Allen Ramirez
John Morken-2021
John Morken
Bailey Cowley-2021
Bailey Cowley
Edwin Lee-2021
Edwin Lee
Andrew Hemingway-2021
Andrew Hemingway
Chad Shields-2021
Chad Shields
Erika Mae Bernardino -2021
Erika Mae Bernardino
Allison Pascual-2021
Allison Pascual
Phoebe Nguyen-2021
Phoebe Nguyen
Jaden Oquendo-2021
Jaden Oquendo
Austin Carroll Keeley-2021
Austin Carroll Keeley
Aneida T. Shakya-2021
Aneida T. Shakya
Isaac Park-2021
Isaac Park
Lucas Karnes-2021
Lucas Karnes
Michael Lopez-2021
Michael Lopez
Francisco Ayala-2021
Francisco Ayala
Oren Antonio Morgan-2021
Oren Antonio Morgan
Bel Jacob-2021
Bel Jacob
Ariz Guzman-2021
Ariz Guzman
Fenrir Bowker-2021
Fenrir Bowker
Adriana Mahadeo-2021
Adriana Mahadeo